Storm Damage

Our expert advice can help with any roofing claim — residential or commercial, tile or shingles, regular maintenance or emergency service. We give free storm damage inspections, so call us before you file your claim. We work directly with your insurance company, minimizing your out-of-pocket expense.
Storm damage can come from many destructive sources including 
  • Hail Storm damage hail can causes damage to the home's exterior, roof, and gutters. A hailstorm does the greatest amount of damage to the roof of your home or property.
  • Thunderstorms damage property are likely hail and wind is classified as an "Act of God" so your insurance plan cannot increase because you filed a claim.
  • Ice Storms produce freezing rain coating everything sometimes more than a quarter inch on exposed surfaces causing roof damage by broken tree branches and other hazards.
  • Tornadoes damage is caused by high winds in extreme cases exceeding 300 MPH and the flying debris propelled by these fierce winds.
  • Lightning is a major cause of storm damage with the cost of lightning damage in the $5 to $6 billion dollar per year including property damage.
  • Heavy Snow / Blizzards create a combination of cold, wind and snow  many instances damaging homes.
  • Floods driven by quick, violent bursts of rain can cause serious damage to both interiors and exteriors.
And if you haven’t had a storm recently or accidental damage, it still pays to call Statewide. Roofing repairs are a category of home improvement most homeowners ignore until problems arise. If it’s been a few years since you serviced your roof, give us a call. Getting your roof back in optimum shape doesn’t have to cause problems for your budget or your daily routine. We’re glad to work with you on price and scheduling to give you the protection you want overhead without any problems for you along the way.
Our 21-point inspection pinpoints the critical damage but also shows us any potential problems not apparent through a typical review. Our seven easy steps to deal with any job have led to thousands of satisfied customers and the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating.

North Carolina Homeowner’s Roof Damage Caused by Hurricane Matthew Wind and Hail Damage