Thousands of hail storm related hail damage insurence roof claims



Severe storm and hail damage results in asphalt, roof and your home’s interior being damaged

When hailstones hit an asphalt shingle roof surface the protective granules are loosened or knocked free. Roofing material is designed to withstand a certain amount of this kind of damage, but severe storms or multiple smaller storms eventually damage the shingles and expose the felt base underneath. Large enough hail can punch holes all the way through a layer of asphalt shingles, creating an immediate threat of water damage inside the home. If the damaged shingles aren’t repaired at this point, the felt base will dry and crack, allowing water to reach the roof decking, where it can flow into the house and cause expensive damage.
Hailstones can also damage wood shakes and shingles, as well as slate or clay roofing. Damage to those materials exposes the roof deck to the same potential damage as with asphalt shingles. Our inspectors are trained to assess damage to any roofing material.
An inspection of your home by our estimators can discover hail damage that may not be visible to an untrained eye. By bringing this information to your insurance company, we can usually get immediate approval for replacement shingles. It’s in the interest of the insurer to make early repairs more cheaply, rather than wait and foot a much larger bill for repairs both inside and outside of the home.
Watch the Hail Damage video here, or click this link for a photo gallery showing multiple examples of various levels of hail damage.
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