Statewide Roofing a Family Owned and Operated Company

Statewide Roofing Consultants Inc. is a family-owned and -operated company. Greg Ward has been in the roofing business since 1987. Joe Ward joined the company and helped to expand the family business. Over the course of the next 25 years Statewide has grown from its small home town roots to serve fourteen other states across the USA.

Statewide Roofing Consultants Inc. provides full-service inspections of residential and commercial roofing through a proprietary 21-point inspection. Our proprietary 21-point inspection sets Statewide Roofing USA apart from the array of migrating companies who are strictly looking for big ticket items. At Statewide, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail in our effort to assist the home and business owner to receive full compensation and complete repairs for the vast array of possible roofing storm damage.

You can rest assured that Statewide will assist you with your claim from beginning to end and remove the usual hassle that comes with roofing repairs. We pride ourselves on giving you industry-leading quality with first-rate customer service.

Call us today to discuss a free roofing insurance claim consultation, roof inspection, or any other questions regarding your roofing needs. FREE Insurance Claim Roof Inspection at 844-99ROOFING (844-997-6634).








Greg Ward on Colorado Marriott Roof

greg ward on marriott roof
Greg Ward on Marriott roof commercial roof hail damage roof project.


Greg Ward Started Statewide Roofing USA 1987
Greg Ward Started Statewide Roofing Consultant USA 1987

Greg Ward

Insurance Recovery Specialist-Owner 

Greg was introduce to the Roofing business via working for a construction company.

Finding his niche in roofing, he started Statewide Roofing Consultants some 30 years ago.

Greg takes great pride in maintaining professional, dependable. trustworthy business, with keeping  A+ BBB rating for as many years.